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The right way to choose dietary supplements


Part 1: The power of lactic acid bacteria which are confirmed to improve immunity by the doctors / The viable lactic acid bacteria are dangerous!? / The right way to choose lactic acid bacteria

The intestines are called, “the key organ of the immune system,” because most of the immune cells are produced in the intestines.

“a relationship with hay fever,” “a relationship with beautiful skin,” are the phrases often heard. Obviously, if you control your intestines, you can control your health.

In other words, “revitalize your intestines with lactic acid bacteria,” but there are so many questions like, “Is that true, ‘delivered live to the intestines’?”, “How much lactic acid bacteria should I take?”

“Why should I take viable bacteria?”, “How can I choose?”

“What is the difference between the vital old man who tends to be sleepless and overindulgent and the sickly old woman who tends to keep good hours and eat brown rice?”

We explain how to activate immunity and why gut immunity is called, “the core immunity.”



Part 2: “Omega-3 of world’s highest purity” / Oil becomes a trigger for the disease! / Safeness and necessity of oil, the criteria for choosing an oil

Omega-3 is the talk of the town recently, but why do people care about oil? Why did linseed oil and perilla oil become popular? Oil we eat every day is closely related to our blood and brain.

Salad oil is dangerous…canola oil, too… There might be a hint to identify the cause of disease with unknown origins. The relationship between Omega-3 and ADHD. The relationship between Omega-3 and depression. The relationship between Omega-3 and dementia. Cerebral and mental problem will come into focus through Omega-3. It is also a very important nutrient for pregnant women. Breast milk conveys oil to babies. Oil taken by mothers directly affects the growth of the babies. We tell you the right way to choose Omega-3.



Part 3: “No.1 multivitamin and mineral supplement chosen by doctors” / The truth of nutrition science and supplements実

“Must be true if he says so.” “Higher-priced supplement is healthier.” “Strongly recommended in the TV show.” “Trend, popular, boom…” If one of these is the reason to choose your supplement, you should reconsider.

The truth of nutritional drinks and supplements. Most of the products don’t contain nutrients in accordance with the label… Is that true?

With juice you can take 30 different foods at once… It is the very people who drink it that are fat, and the truth of it?

We uncover the dirt on the supplements explaining the importance of nutrition. And we will tell you the right way to choose them and how high the levels of the No.1 multivitamin and mineral supplements are that have been chosen by doctors.




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